Merry Christmas

Christmas, also known as Noel (or Noël in French, is the short form of Emmanuel which means Jesus is with us) is an international holiday to celebrate Jesus’s birthday, a very important day of Christians. They believe that Jesus was born in Bethlehem, Judea of the Roman Empire in the middle of 6 BC.





Some countries celebrate this holiday on the 25th December, others choose 24th December. However, the traditional Christians use the Jullien calendar to pick the day and they usually celebrate on the 7th January according to Gregory calendar.

Christmas originally is the day when Christians celebrate their savior – their religious leader - coming to Earth. Gradually, people, especially in the West, consider Christmas as the season for family. Hence, now, Christmas is an international holiday famous for Santa Claus, Christmas trees and gifts.

Beside its religious meaning, Noël is a family day for all of the family members of all generations to reunite. In all means, the season is a happy time for people to express their love, care for their families and to create beautiful memories together. Everyone finds their own way to celebrate this special day: having meal together, a white night sharing stories around the Christmas tree. Children become more and more important in any family, consequently, Noel has become children’s holiday, a holy night when all of their wishes come true. Certainly, their happiness would bring joy to the adults.

Noel also has a meaning of peaceful: “Glory for God in high – Peace for people on Earth”. This is sung by angles who bring good news of Jesus is coming. Noel is the season for sharing all the good with those lonely, sick or old…

2016, another Christmas season is coming, every corner of the streets in the city is full of Christmas joyful atmosphere, decorated with colorful Christmas trees and Santa Claus. This is the season for people coming back to their home to enjoy cozy and peaceful season with their family.

Wish everyone all the best, happiness, a peaceful Christmas season, a warm winter with family and friends!

Wish all the luck for a new year!

Merry Christmas!


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