A thought of Nhut Hao

 On a small stage, students of K11DV1 actor class were preparing the scenery for their final exam performance of the first semester. Being freshmen, have just experienced college for a few months, these students have already held such strong passion of real artists.

 They entered the art faculty and started their art study smoothly as they already had the real artists’ characteristics in their souls. Among them, Nguyen Nhut Hao, from the Mekong delta, was a typical case of this. Innately owning the broad mind and romantic soul of the delta’s people, Hao was very open to share his thoughts with us.


Nguyen Nhut Hao was writing his opinions about the college

Hao wrote:

“My first impression about this college is that it is very friendly, happy that suits me a lot. We are taught and cared by Mr. Duc hai, Mr. Minh Nhi who worked wholeheartedly to give us valuable knowledge and experience on stage. My classmates are very friendly, supportive in study, practice, as well as in personal life. I am happy and proud to be a member of this lovely Saigonact!”

This opinion is not only of Nguyen Nhut Hao but also  agreed by other freshmen of Saigonact!






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