The cooperation training program of Tourism for staffs of Cambodia Kingdom he impression and feelings of Cambodian students after finishing the training course at SAIGONACT Cambodian students in the training course
The impressions and feelings of student Youy Khann The impressions and feelings of student Lem Lieso The impressions and feelings of student Lem Lieso

Saigonact completed all necessary procedures in tourism professionals training for Cambodian staff


Besides improving the training quality, international cooperation has always been paid attention to by the Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism (Saigonact). It can be said that 2014 is  a successful year of Saigonact in cooperation, joint training with universities in the region and in the world.  In recent years, the school signed the cooperation agreement with Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia in the tourism human resources training that is increasingly developing  in Cambodia.

In addition to allocating 5 acres of land in Phnom Penh for Saigonact in order to build Asean Tourism University the in Cambodia with the purpose of training human resources for Cambodia tourism, Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia also paid attention to send tourism staff  in a view to attending the tourism professional courses at Saigonact. Accordingly, the school officially held two tourism professionals training courses for Cambodian students.

At the meeting between Ministry of Tourism of Cambodia and Saigonacttaken place in M January 2015, the two sides discussed and agreed in training students for Cambodia.  Accordingly, school will fully sponsor all training and accommodation cost for 180 students and these training courses will be divided into 3 periods, and each period will be included 60 students and will last in three months. When participating in the course, the students will be trained in the professional knowledge from basic ones to advanced ones, from theory to practice related to the community tourism activities. They can practice at the restaurants, hotels, tour operators in the Saigonact. Teaching staff are Experts, Doctor, Master with high experience in tourism management and training. During two months of studying at the school, 51 students will be trained in community tourism and professional skills in the field of  Hotels – Restaurants, Travel such as professional reception, designing tours, tour operators, accommodations, rooms, tour guide...

The opening ceremony of  the first course will be taken place on January 26th2015. Thus, training human resources for their tourism industry is a great turning-point of  Saigonact in its training, international cooperation. It is believed that The Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism increasingly asserted its position in the development of education in the country in particular and in the other country in general.



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