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The vital role of every college and university in the country is training high quality human resource to provide the necessary resource for the national industrialization, modernization in the integrated time.

New points in recruitment 2017

The Ministry of Education and Training drew conclusion for the national high school exam 2017

Organizing the exam in local areas: each province/city organizes an exam in its area which is in charge by the Department of Education and Training. The exam is opened for all local candidates; the exam venues are arranged at the most convenience for the candidates; free candidates can choose any exam venue at their most convenience.

The Saigon college of Arts, Culture and Tourism published the benchmark for the admission consideration 2015

  In the morning of July 29th 2015, Admission Committee of The Saigon College of Arts and Culture and Tourism published the benchmark for the admission consideration related to all the relevant blocks  of the year 2015.

Saigonact: some achievements in the international cooperation

From the early days of its establishment,  Saigon College of Arts , Culture and Tourism  has alwyas promoted and attached special importance to the international co-operation. Up to now,  the school has achieved some remarkable success.

Enrollment notice from intermediate to the regular college for period 1 of the year 2015

  The Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism (Saigonact) would like to notify enrollment from Intermediate to the regular College for the period 1 of the year 2015as follows:

Head office: 160/72A Phan Huy Ich-Ward 12, Go Vap District, HCM City - Phone : +84 (08)38959871-Fax: +84(08)39210577

Campus : 53/1 Phan Van Hon, Tan Thoi Nhat 8 Street, Quarter 5, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, District 12, HCM City -Phone: +84 (08)66826819-Fax: +84 (08)38831795

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