The Saigonact - Where bringing up the wishes for students of the art majors

When choosing an art major art, every student also cherishes dream to become the stars of the art sky or a well-known face of showbiz world.


As one of the few colleges and universities in the Ho chi Minh city training art majors, The Saigon College of Arts and Culture and Tourism (Saigonact) is proud to be a cradle  training of the art training majors such as vocal music, Stage Management, Theatre and Cinema actor  filmmaking, fashion Design, graphic Design

Creative learning environment fosters the thought and the emotion

The first feeling of the freshman when entering the Saigonact not only is a dynamic and modern learning environment but also ensures  unlimited creative atmosphere. The school  built around a space for a variety of artistic needs such as: experimental studios, film companies, experimental theater, multipurpose lab, practice ground, spacious dance studio, make-up room with full of equipments the big and small stages with modern sound and lighting system small.  For students of vocal music major, equipped with  piano room, organ room, vocalizing room, recording room ...Besides, tailoring and sewing room is  fully equipped with  modern machines like in the factory in the industrial zone in order to meet  practical and creative needs for students of Fashion design major, and  drawing roonm is  fully equipped with  modern facilities for students of Graphic design major….

Highlights of  the Saigonact is that students all events happening in school will be self organized and self- performed by students from creating idea, making plan, designing, building scripts, being MC ... to all relevant issues. The school regularly holds exhibitions show,  fashion shows, pop music and drama performance , exchanges with wel-known artists , the talent search competition in the field of art and culture. Theatres, cinemas in school are alway  illuminate through night for students who can practice art performance skills. The graduate  plays  are performed in the  public theaters.

Lecturers are well –known artists

The Saigonact is really proud of having highly skilled teaching staff who professors, Doctors and many people artist, meriterious artist with a high level of  professional competence, experience and dedication in their teaching. Thet always look for and update the most efficient and state of date pedagogy,  regularly exchanges their ideas and promote extracurricular activities in order to more understand students with the purpose of having the best learning effects.  The People's Artist, Meriterious artist, and Professors, doctors namely:  The People's Artist, Prof.Dr Vu Huong, Meriterious artist Phung Thi Binh, Meriterious artist, Dr. Nguyen Van Khanh,  The People's Artist Le Thi Nham, Meriterious artist,Dr. Tran Van Phu, Prof.Dr. Tran Luan Kim, Stage director- Meriterious artist Do Phuong Toan,  Stage director- Meriterious artist Le Chuc,  People's Artist Dang Hung, People's Artist Hoang Thi Thao,  Meriterious artist Hoang Minh Tam, The People's Artist Nguyen Thi Tam, People's Artist Tran Dinh Sanh, MA Tran Trien, MA.Tran Thu Trang,  MA.Tran Thi Thanh Truc,  M.A Huynh Thi Kim Tram, MA. Nguyen Huu Bai Quan, MA.Dang Thuong Quan, MA.Dang Minh Phuong, MA.Hoang Quang Thien, MA..Thieu Thi Hanh Nguyen….

As soon as organizing entrance examination, the Saigonact welcomes al students in the manner of an art school. Candidates of gifted majors have opportunity to meet many artists, actors, singers in the first days when making entrance examination procedure . A strange and attractive atmosphere will inflame the art passion so that most of them will join the entrance examination and will stay with this school.

Learning at the Faculty of Arts is always encouraged and inspired for art passion that is the best preparation for artistic career later.

Some artistic activities of Faculty of Arts






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