The Saigon college of Arts, Culture and Tourism published the benchmark for the admission consideration 2015

  In the morning of July 29th 2015, Admission Committee of The Saigon College of Arts and Culture and Tourism published the benchmark for the admission consideration related to all the relevant blocks  of the year 2015.


In particular, with 3000 quota (500 quota for high quality college and 2,500 quota for regular College; 500 for Intermediate professional education; 1000 vocational College),The Saigonact considered the admission for all relevant majors such as Economics, Foreign Languages, Art and Tourism with the benchmark for admission consideration in accordance with the benchmark (12 points) of Ministry of Education and Training.

 Admission benchmark: 12 points

Enrollment methods:

 Admission consideration for training majors such as Foreign Languages, Economics,Tourism.

-       Considering  the admission:  Study record at High school

-       Admission consideration is based on National High School Graduation exam results from benchmark for Colleges or higher

Period 1: from now up to August 30th 2015

Taking entrance examination and combining with admission consideration for  training majors such as Arts, Industrial Fine Arts (Vocal music, Drama & Cinema Actors , theater director, film making,  graphic design, fashion design).

-       Considering Literature and taking the entrance exam for two aptitude subjects

-       Considering scores of the aptitude subjects of the entrance exam from other Universities.

The Saigonact will organize the entrance exam for aptitude subjects of Arts, Industrial Fine Arts as following periods:

Period 1: From August 14th to August 16th 2015

Period 2: From October 2nd  to October 4th 2015


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