THE SAIGON COLLEGE OF ARTS, CULTURE AND TOURISM (SAIGONACT) was established on 17/10/2006 under decision No. 5845/QĐ-BGD&DT of Ministry of Education and Training signed by Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Education and Training Nguyen Thien Nhan. School year opening ceremony is held on 17/10 annually which is considered to be the traditional day of the college.

SAIGONACT is a multidisciplinary training establishment with the goal of training students to be staff having qualifications; professional practical competence in the fields of Culture, Arts, Tourism and Economy; knowledge of professional ethics and adaptive, creative abilities in the integrated and competitive trend in order to meet the needs of human resource development in the country in general and in Ho Chi Minh City in particular.

The College has been approved by the Ministry of Education and Training to enroll students and have the first level training course of Regular College since 11/2006. The training includes 4 sectors such as Culture, Arts, Tourism, Economy and Intermediate professional level. 2007 was the first year when Intermediate professional level students graduated from the College. SaigonACT has developed more sectors and majors based on the labor market needs since 2008. The total number of majors is 14 College levels and 16 Intermediate professional levels.

So far, the school has trained 19 sectors of college level (Vocal music, Drama & Cinema Actors, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Business Publications; Secretary Office, Vietnamese Study, Hotel Management, Management of tourism and travel services; Japanese, Korean, Chinese, English, Applied Informatics, Business Administration, Accounting, Finance - Banking, Cinematography, Director ), 8 branches of vocational college  (Hotel –Restaurant   Administration; Services travel & Tourism Management, Tour guide; Secretary, Accounting, computer Management, Graphic Design, Fashion Design) and 14 industry Intermediate professional level (Vocal music, Actor, Graphic Design, Fashion Design, Publications, Office Secretary; Travel - Guides; Hotels-Restaurants Management, Cultural Management, Computer Network; Accounting – Accounting; Finance & Banking, Corporate Finance, Corporate Governance - Production).

To manage and administer training activities, the College has 6 departments, 23 specialized groups, 11 function rooms, 4 centers and so on.

As a non-public college, SaigonACT had a lot of difficulties in operation without any funds from the State. The college's premises has been mostly rented due to initial premises problems. The college has had 4 campuses with capacity of from 15,000 to 17,000 students including a lot of classrooms, practice rooms, libraries in order to meet the studying needs of students.

Campus 1 (headquarters): 81/3 Phan Huy Ich Street, Ward 12, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City. The six-story campus is approximately 2,055 square meters in area. Its specious dormitory has been come to operation since 11/2008.

Campus 2: 53/1 Phan Van Hon Street, Tan Thoi Nhat Ward, District 12, Ho Chi Minh City. The total number of area is 22,500 square meters.

Campus 3: Expected construction of the University of Arts and Culture and Tourism of Saigon is on the basis of upgrading from the College of Arts and Culture and Tourism Saigon in District I-2 Urban Northwest Cu Chi, Ho Chi Minh City.

Campus  4: Center for Military Education and Physical Education: 73 / 479A Phan Huy Ich, Ward 12, Go Vap District, Ho Chi Minh City, the total area is 14,091 square meters.

The school has a good relationship with other universities, research institutes and establishments specialized operations: Culture, Arts, Tourism and Economics of Ho Chi Minh City. This gives a special advantage in the field of exchanging lecturers and enabling thousands of internship students each year. Cooperation with the University of Korea, Australia, France, England ... has brought practical results in the renewal of the program, improving the quality of training.

Party organization and Trade unions are focusing on building and strength, as the core for the unity of the whole school. The work of enrollment, management training is done properly regulations with the recognition and good reviews from  the Ministry of Education & Training. Annually, the number of students enrols  in school for regular attending growingly. This is a convincing evidence that strongly confirms the belief of the society for academic quality of the school day by day.


Head office: 160/72A Phan Huy Ich-Ward 12, Go Vap District, HCM City - Phone : +84 (08)38959871-Fax: +84(08)39210577

Campus : 53/1 Phan Van Hon, Tan Thoi Nhat 8 Street, Quarter 5, Tan Thoi Nhat ward, District 12, HCM City -Phone: +84 (08)66826819-Fax: +84 (08)38831795

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