Beekeeping and Ecotourism

Beekeeping and Ecotourism


Bee is one of the most highly organized insects. A bee colony can be considered a private world but it also can be considered a complete body. The first key elements of the existence and development of bee colony are the unification and stability. Each bee colony has its own characteristics. The difference of bee colonies is based on the smell from the queen bees. There are billions of queen bees but none of them have the same scent. Due to their different scent among bee colonies, they will be immediately surrounded and destroyed if they fly to other ones. A growing bee colony consists of 3 types of bees: queen bee, worker bee and male bee. Each bee colony has only one queen bee. Bee colony grows fast or slow which first depends on the fertility of the queen bee. If the queen bee has  a well-developed physique, it is quite different from other bees with long body and tapering belly. Therefore, we can recognize as soon as we see it in its colony. The queen bee lays an average  of 1,500 eggs per day, the younger it is, the worse it can lay. Therefore, bee colony have to change the queen bee at a period when it cannot. Besides we may know that bee colony may create a queen bee if its queen bee is suddenly died or its colony is broken and divided. In case queen been created or changed to divided it colony often has the good quality but  it has the poor quality when the old queen bee died suddenly. However, It is also possible that a queen bee will die unexpectedly without creating a new queen bee, a worker bee will lay eggs in this case. The eggs produced by the worker bees do not order at all and cannot hatch into bees, it will be gradually perished. If it wants to have a new queen bee, it has to do necessay things to create a new one. To create a queen bee, the bee  colony have to build a queen hat, a larger size nest hole along the nest. The queen bee will lay eggs in this hole, after three days the eggs hatched into the earth-worm which was kept in a special condition, completely lactated from the young bees. After 18 days, the queen bee will be born, it destroys all the remaining  queen hat to occupy the unique position, followed by mating and laying eggs. Beekeepers also take full advantage of use of creating the queen bee of the bee colony to produce royal jelly by building a queen hat, and by moving earth-worm so that the bees can lactate to keep the queen bee. When the earth-worm are three or four days old, they will move the earth-worm and use a tiny spoon to take royal jelly. Current retail price of royal jelly is over 1,000,000 VND / kg.

Male bees are usually only born in the favorable condition and their only responsibility  is to mate with queen bees. In this period, the male bee is chased out and dies in the middle of the field.

All works in bee colonies, from building the nest, taking honey and pollen, doing sanitation, protecting ... are done by worker bees. Others works in the daiy life are almost decided beforehand. As soon as bee workers are hatched, they fly into the hole themselve for doing sanitation, for lactating  to feed the queen bee, for keeping the larva , and for making wax to build nests. It is true when they often say that bees are architects in building a nest.

Students of Tourism Major should know about this beekeeing industry for sightseeing programs and ecotourism. Living with a bee farm, learning about the life of bees, experiencing works of beekeepers is a very interesting thing.

                                                                                          By Phạm Hương


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