Snakehead is steamed with gourd ....

Snakehead is steamed with gourd

 Snakehead is a popular fish, in the north, it is called “fruit” fish, banana” fish , betel” fish ... In Trang An, Ninh Binh, in ancient times, it was a kind of precious fish, called a fish to kings. Snakehead can be processed into a variety of dishes such as snakehead sour soup, braised snakehead, grilled snakehead, deep-fried dried snakehead, roasted dried fish and sun-dried fish ..., in the north, there is a dish calledbanana-cooked fish. Mekong restaurant would like to share a dish from snakehead which is popular dish in the South. It is gourd-steamed snakehead.


- a snakehead, about 350-500g.

- 1 gourd, about 30 cm long, with carrot, onion, mushroom, green onion, ginger and onion.

- Spices: salt, pepper, fish sauce, sugar, MSG, cooking oil and chilli.


Erase fish scale, cut out, cut throughout the fish belly, retain the fish gut, wash, drain, fish pure marinated with salt spices, pepper,onion, monosodium glutamate. Wash the gourd, leave entire gourd with cover, roll a line, cut a thin slice vertically, remove all the intestines. Chopped carrots; washed green onion, the leaves are cut to make puree onions, while cuttingthe root; peeled onion; chopped ginger and chopped chilli; mushrooms are soaked in water and chopped.

Put the fish into the gourd, put on the plate just enough to put the gourd. Next, put the carrot, onion, mushroom, onion, ginger and chilli on the side of the snakehead and add some spices. Put the gourd and fish into the steamer for 15-20 minutes. Watch out for the fish just ripe, gourd still brittle.


When the gourd and the fish are cooked, add sprinkle fat onion. Snakehead is served with soy sauce, bean chilli, slice-cut fish. It is delicious to eat when the fish is hot.

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