Heading toward the scientific conference

Heading toward  the scientific conference

Innovating management and improving the training quality at SAIGONACT in the new stage

Innovation is a necessary need of any agencies, any businesses, and any factories at any time! With a training institution, innovation is really essential to make it viable and developing! According to statistics the first months of 2017, there are only 30% of businesses  starting their business successfully, whereas the rest cannot cope with the current situation due to the lack of preparation and unpredictable difficulties in the market. In fact, there are many agencies, enterprises, businesses including training institution drive to a nonplus in spite of having many experiences before. The main reason for this incident is that there is no innovation or improvement in the quality of the operation.

The Saigon College of Arts, Culture and Tourism is a training institution that always strives for comprehensive innovation in management and training quality. Every year, the school organizes diferent scientific workshops or conferences, including international scientific conferences, and interdisciplinary, intercollege and interuniversities and inter-local scientific conferences. These scientific conferences have received a warm response and strong support from teachers and students from universities and colleges in the world, in the region and in the country. Scientific conferences have a variety of topics, but at least there is always a workshop or seminar on the management innovation and traing quality improvement. As a result, the training results of the Saigonact has achieved many outstanding achievements. Many graduates of Saigonact have enough professional skills, competence, qualifications  to work efficiently.

The scientific conference on Innovating Management and Improving traing quality has launched and implemented since April and May, the month of great historical events (30/4, 1/5, 7 / 5, 19/5 ...), is the last time of second trimestre of school year 2016-2017.

From the early days, this task has received the enthusiastic response and support from departments, faculties and centers of school. The organizing commitee of the conference has been established with a number of sub-committees who are responsible for various tasks such as secretarial, editorial, material facilities and finance to prepare for the great sucess of conference this time.

Tourism Faculty is a pioneer in this conference.  At the beginning day of schedule, the Tourism Faculty  registered 5 topics that focus on raising awareness and practising skills, professional competences for students of Hotel and Restaurant Management, Service Travel and Tour guide.

Under the direction of the steering committee, in order to improve the training quality, all activities of the school must have the comprehensive improvement, namely enrollment, training, student management, administrative organization, Financial accounting, technical materials, communication, IT ... the most important goal of all these activities is to support the improvement of training quality.

Organizing Committee of the scientific conference has a specific schedule and all relevant members, subcommittees will follow this schedule to complete their task as assigned.

With the great mission and for the development of the Saigonact, all staff, lecturers are willing to work hard so that the scientific conference on Innovating Management and Improving Traing Quality can achieve the great success.

                                                                                By Phạm Hương


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