Lotus image in religious culture

Lotus image in religious culture


       The lotus is a noble and pure flower that has both aroma and color. Its gentle and calm aroma symbolizes the noble life, born in the mud but not contaminated. It still rises up to welcome the sun, spreading its aroma, showing its beauty, bearing fruit, and getting radiant. According to Buddhism, the lotus is the enlightenment like the people who live in everyday life but keep away from greed, lust, and so forth.

    Not being contaminated in everyday life, the lotus grows in every place; the impure water of it will get pure like the enlightened man will change his living circumstance. The formation of the lotus follows the law of cause and effect and reincarnation. The lotus has buds, flowers, and seeds. Lotus blossoms represent the past, lotus for the present, lotus seeds for the future, which is the continuity of samsara.

       In Buddhism, the lotus is the sacred symbol, the pinnacle of spiritual value, the symbol of moral values, purity and holiness, the maintenance and development of Buddhism, the wisdom that leads to nirvana.

      The lotus is a symbol of purity in both Hinduism and Buddhism. In the life story of the Buddha, the miraculous and radiant lotus appeared at every first step of the Buddha at his birth. The lotus also represents human journey from suffering to enlightenment, starting from the depth of the murky water - representing the cycle of birth, death and rebirth - before "hatching" on the water at the points of enlightenment.

     Lotus aroma represents spiritual values, always being associated with the sacred spiritual world of the Buddha. Buddhism has taken the lotus image as Buddha’s altar.

       The white lotus symbolizes the purity of humanity, Bodhicitta, or Bodhihrdaya. There are usually eight petals corresponding to Astangika-margar _ The noble Eightfold path or The eight correct ways, which is the characteristic of Mantrayana.

     The lotus also represents three distinct living layers, being in the dark mud; reaching the pure space _ the water; then finally rising to the space of sunya; and coming up with the atmosphere and the sun. The symbol for the three stages of life in Buddhism is the realm of sex, morality and formlessness in the Buddhist concept.


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