Southern Folk Cakes in Tourism

Southern Folk Cakes in Tourism

      The Mekong Delta is part of the Mekong River Delta, where the Mekong River flows into the East Sea. The Mekong flows through China, Laos, Myanmar, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam with a lot of tributaries, which are rivers that supply water to the river. To the south of Vietnam, the river divides into Tien Giang and Hau Giang. On the way to the sea, the two branches split into nine branches, like nine dragons, meandering, and spreading out, occupying half of the east coast of the delta, so the land named after Cuu Long.

       The special strength of the Mekong Delta is the development of ecotourism, picnic tourism, natural scenery tourism associated with rivers, gardens, community tours, craft village tours, festive tourism ...

       The nature of the South people is gentle, liberal, love nature, love people and very hospitable. Visitors always enjoy the dishes of rustic South, especially the type of cake with tea and fruit. There is no place where there are many kinds of folk cakes like here, there is no place that popular folk cakes used as popular here: cake on the altar, ancestors, cake present at all festivals , cake on the docks, bus stations, small canoe wheels on canals to people in remote areas, cake after every meal, in the morning or at noon, late afternoon .... It can be said that: where to go, where to sit, we also see folk cakes. Before someone went away, people packed cakes with them to eat in the car and give presents to their loved ones. Going to work in the field, people bring bread to eat instead of lunch. Going away, people also bring bread to eat when missed meals .... Cakes become as common food as rice.

         In travel, cakes play a very important role. Cakes transfer indigenous cultural identity to visitors, cakes go with visitors to the field, to distant places to become unique gifts, interesting, multi-colored cake, abundant with the festival. Sometimes, the cake goes more than halfway around the world to come to friends in Europe, four sea, to the guests unknown about “mam, tuong, chao” …

         However, the development of folk cakes for tourism and export demand is still limited. Folk cakes are still only around in the region, not far enough to fly wings. Muoi Xiem cake is just a phenomenon in an international fair, people will forget immediately if it is not maintained and nourished. Vietnam is known as the world's cuisine, one can find world famous food in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Nang ...! Then, why southern folk cakes are delicious but absent in the world famous tourist center? Why are bakers still struggling and lacking? That is what makes me worry! Folk cakes must become a big brand! Must be a unique tourism product of the Mekong Delta! They must be present in most commercial centers and tourist centers!

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