Faculty of Arts Applied Art - Music



To receive and train students in actors, actresses, musicians departments .

Directly manage staff and faculty members, including lecturers and invented lecturers.

Manage facilities such as class-rooms, furniture, and equipment for working and learning.

Organize and make the process of training, planning, teaching, learning and other educational activities under the program, the general plan of the school include:

- Make the detailed schedule of subjects for each course according to the school's curriculum plan, send Training Board.

- Arrange lecturers, rooms reasonably.

- Organize the exams, students to find a place to practice especially the senior, schedule.

- Make transcripts, send Training and announced to the students.

Propose additional planning and maintain teaching equipment, practice, practice with teaching staff when necessary, manage all assets assigned by the school.


 Direct department, implement the plan teaching revision ,exam for each subject.

Make the plans and implement training, retrain and improve professional faculty and staff of the Department.

Organize educational activities and activities.

Actively explore many cooperation projects, coordinate with other agencies and mass organizations, cultural centers and educational institutions.

Perform other duties assigned by the school's mission.


01 Dean

02 Vice Dean

02 Secretary of the Department

 The specialized training:

- Music

- Actress

- Graphic Design

- Fashion Design

The training and specialized training time:


- Trainees: those with high school diploma or equivalent exam and get into a college bar music industry, Actor, Graphic Design, Fashion Design College of Culture and Arts Saigon Tourist.

-Duration: 03 years

- Method of training: formal

 Intermediate level:

- Trainees: those with high school diploma or they were recruited and admitted in Actor, Graphic Design, Fashion Design of Saigon College of Art Culture and Tourism.

- Duration: 02 years

- Method of training: formal


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