Educational Testing and Quality Assurance Center

Advising and assisting the Rector with the management of educational testing and quality assurance; helping Rector develop, promulgate and organize final tests, graduation examinations, university entrance examination and implement the activities of education and training quality assurance.
The Educational Testing and Quality Assurance is  responsible for building and submitting the documents of testing management and guidance of testing standards to the Rector for promulgation; guiding and monitoring, inspecting the implementation of such documents after being fully enforced
Assuming, coordinating with the Department of Training in order to assist Rector with the implementation of checking and assessing students’ learning results through surveys.
Making out the plan of organizing final tests and solving the existing problems.
Rechecking examination papers if related to invigilators.
Collaborating with the training department to organize examinations and assessing students’ learning results objectively and accurately.
Guiding, inspecting and checking the organization of final tests of different faculties on behalf of the Rector.
Helping the Rector enroll students at college, intermediate and transition levels
Advising and assisting Rector with the management in printing, copying and delivering examination papers in accordance with the process and the security regime of making examination papers.
Coordinating with the department of training and faculties to appoint teachers as invigilators, arranging examination rooms, stationery for the exams as scheduled.
Complying with and keeping up with the progress of the school's curriculum issued along with departments and faculties.
The staff of the center are qualified for the educational testing and quality assurance.


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