Finance Department

To assist the Principal in financial management based on the tasks and authorities assigned by the Board of Management.
To prepare financial planning and settlement, manage the revenue and expenditure, comply with the regulations on financial management in the university.
To perform the tasks of a dependent accounting unit, including the tasks of acceptance, management and the use of expenses under the plan  targets; instruction to examine the use of financial resources; asset management, supplies and facilities of the unit.
To perform the tasks of an investment unit directly under the university, organize the evaluation of investment projects and records of survey designs as well as to make the report estimation and settlement construction as prescribed by the State in basic construction.
To organize training and fostering the professional abilities of the staff in work planning, finance, facilities management and basic construction.
To manage the overall financial plans for the tasks of enrolment, wage labor and other sources of expenses.
To make plans in order to ensure that the sufficient capitals could be collected and the use of such capitals would be effective.
To assist the Principal in presiding the construction of financial regulations for the university; to research and propose the policies, regulations, standards, norms and mechanisms in order to mobilize, allocate and manage resources and conditions to ensure the development of the university as well as to propose the changes, supplements and improvements of regulations, norms and standards in the revenue and expenditure.
To construct and implement the short-term, medium-term and long-term financial plans.
To speed up the full, proper and timely collection  of tuition payments and fees of students.
To manage the revenue and expenditure such as bonus and welfare funds, economic contracts and other services; to advise the Board of Management on approval of the annual revenue and expenditure estimates.
To supervise the entire financial activities of the university, especially of financial  institutions such as activities of the centers, facilities and other services.
To perform the payment of salaries, allowances and other benefits for the staffs and lecturers on time; to perform the payment of scholarship allowances to students as prescribed; and other service revenues and expenditures for learning, teaching, researching, shopping, repairing based on the regulations of the university.
To propose the annual financial allocation, to supervise the performance of the revenue and expenditure estimates; to control the performance of the regulations on financial management and financial regime.
To preside the evaluation of investment projects on the equipment in the university.
To co-operate with the other units in  guiding the management of assets, supplies and inventorying every six months.
To supervise the economic contracts and investment contracts.
To make the timely and precisely reports of monthly, quarterly and annually financial settlements, with honest and obvious analysis.
To perform the tasks of synthesizing and reporting financial activities based on accounting regime; to store receipts, documents and other financial records as prescribed.

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