Administration and organization deparment

To provide advisory services to the Principal on human resource affairs; Clerical works, administration and general affairs; facilities management, security and order; To propose welfare regulations and policies; Reception, Event Services. To make general coordination of internal affairs as planned.
1. Human resource management:
To propose the school’s organizational structure, to assist  the Principal in legal matters, to draft the organizational regulations and procedures. To support the Principal in employee  recruitment, usage and management.
For recruitment: To prepare the annual recruitment plan; To guide and supervise the recruitment  procedure for compliance; to assist the Requirement Team in recruiting teacher, staff.
To propose human  resource development strategy. To monitor the staff  training, arrangement and improvement.
To realize the social insurance policies, health insurance, wage increase for staff in accordance with state regulations. To prepare official application  for staff working and studying inland and abroad. To keep and update the staff records. To confirm the staff curriculum. To provides administration and personnel data upon request
2. Administration affairs
To grant various certificates to the extent as permitted (Staff Certificate, Leave of Absence, letter of reference, resume confirmation letter, certificates of military service for students etc.) To receive, keep all deliverables confident and timely delivery. To keep all types of incoming  and outgoing documents. To review the procedure, the legality, the form of document for  submitting the Board of Management.  
To keep and use  the official seal by law. To grant the letter of reference, travel order, certification in Vietnamese; To duplicate various document issued by the school.
To assist the Board of Management in the reception, guest meeting.
To prepare the periodic, extraordinary reports on the assigned task implementation. To check the formality  and procedures for issuing administrative documents.
To make and implement regulations to ensure the labour order, discipline compliance in all school operation. To put forward the work program, plan, schedule; To prepare the content, and make draft minutes, announcement, conclusion of the meeting chaired by the Board of Management.
To work with the relevant divisions and units in organizing conferences, meeting; acting as the contact point: To arrange the guest meeting schedules.
To assist  the Principal in public relation and press affairs. To purchase some miscellaneous   as required.
3. Keep order and security:
To be responsible for instructing and inspecting the property, equipment protection, fire safety, political security, order and safety in the campus; to manage the on-job military service officers; to organize and control the security team in the school.
4. Staff health care:
To provide health care for staff, teachers, students; To perform first-aid in emergency; To buy and review the student health insurance coverage.
To prepare the quarterly, yearly medical expenses estimate, to organize the procurement, storage, application of specialized medical equipment, to control the medicine offering, sickness allowance etc. To apply the hygiene measures for disease prevention: To keep accommodation, meals, catering safe. To detect diseases, timely report and  promptly stop.
To propose and realize the first- aid and medical treatment plans: To coordinate with local health authorities for periodic health  examination, specialized examination for the admission, recruitment, etc.
5. Information technology application
To assist the Board of Management to plan, develop and manage the computer network, software application in the school services.
Detailed Works:
- To develop and implement the annual plan of IT application as approved by the Principal.
- To develop rules and regulations relating to IT operations in accordance with the provisions of the law on "operation and use of ICT in schools".
- To design, develop, control, operate, and repair and instruct IT system including server, workstation - peripherals, networking, auxiliary, intranet, extranet, computer room ...). To keep the operating system stable, efficient and economical.
- To set up, monitor and keep the network operation 24/24 hours, to prepare the periodic reports on the computer operations, to propose solutions to network problems.
- To develop, control the website: to create sufficient conditions for the performance of the functional divisions, units, departments and proper information update.
- To run the common software management system for Training – Accounting- Human Resource – Canteen.
- To provide and withdraw the webmail account, website access, intranet account.
- To support units and individuals in operating information technology facilities, software application for improved work efficiency.
- To make reports and perform other tasks assigned by the Principal in accordance with the function of the IT unit.
- To effectively manage the human resources, equipment, vehicles and facilities.
-  To research and develop the security solutions for the IT network.
- To propose the IT solutions suitable to the current range of application.
6. Inspection
To assist Rector in supervising the school activities, to ensure all activities in order, stability and efficiency.
To strengthen the internal inspection for the facilities care, improved quality of training, good management.
Detailed Works:
To inspect the implementation of the policy and legal regulations in term of education
To inspect the realization of  training goals, plans, programs, schedules, content, regulations, examination regulations, diplomas and certificates  granting, the curriculum, lecture performance, asset & financial management, science, technology, human resources  affairs and other requirements to ensure the quality of education
To make the dialogue to settle any complaint and claim in term of school education affairs in accordance with the law
To perform the task of preventing and combating corruption in the education by law of anti-corruption
To perform other duties assigned by the Principal.


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