Department of students’ affairs

Organizing of the work of political and ideological education in the field of lines and policies, laws, ethics, personality, arts culture, sports for officials, teachers, staff and students in the entire school, under the leadership of undertaken Rector  or Vice Rector
- Educating political ideology; ethics; lifestyle and organizing the training activities for students : Carrying out the political activities,  learning the party's resolutions and policies of the government for teachers; civil servants and students; grasping the situation and evolution of students ideas and suggesting to the Party, School board to have  appropriate and timely measures of propaganda, education
- Implementing the evaluation the training marks according to the academic year
- Monitoring to the development of the Party in students and suggesting to the Party Committee and School Board the policies and solutions in order to create favorable conditions for students to struggle and practice in the development of the Party.
- Coordinating the Communist Youth Union to practice and perform politic – social activities, arts culture, sports and medical school students.
- Organizing the "citizen living week" for students in beginning of the course   with contents: common situation throughout the country and international, the regime of the State Party and relating to students such as sex education, health, social evils and crimes
- Implementing the policy regime for students : Welfare, fee exemptions
- Coordinating with other units, youth groups, student council and bearing responsible for monitoring the work suggesting to the Principal about emulation, awarding, and discipline.
- Checking the observance of regulations students, boarding students and proposals dealing with violations. Coordinating homeroom teacher, the authorities and local governments to monitor implementation of boarding students.
- Coordinating district, ward government, where the school located in maintaining order, and social security. Coordinating dealt with strictly and promptly the violation.
- Periodic meetings - talks between the School Board and students to receive questions, complaints (after the relating departments have already solved and students have not found satisfactory), then the School board will consider and resolve.
- Managing the exploitation of media to serve the political, ideological; implementing of communication information; promoting the introduction of school development planning; collecting and storing of information materials for construction and development of the school; managing traditional room.
- Coordinating with the Students Association; the Communist Youth League to organize the literary form movement, exchange other activities serving ideological and political work of the school.
- Bearing responsible for implementing Scholarship Sponsor:  managing  and  storing scholarships data; representing school to meet and receive scholarship funding; notifying; coordinating reasonable number of scholarships, recapitulating the chosen results to send the donors ; receiving complaints from relating issues to scholarships funded;  sending a thank you letter to the donors.


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