Training Department

Training Department has functions as advisor to assist the Principal to build the plans and implement the policy of the Ministry of Education and Training as well as the school college programs; to organize the direction; to carry out and monitor designated teaching and learning cases.
- Advising and assisting in defining training objectives, scale training , industry structure; opening new branches or specialized; studying suggestions to the Principal about measures to improve and perfect the content, programs, processes, curricula, teaching methods and quality management.
- Building general lesson plans for students in each course and semester of the academic year; establishing timetables, arranging and operating schedule of teaching – learning.
- Monitoring and inspecting the performance of general lesson plans, curriculum and teaching - studying regulations; suggesting to the Principal to consider and decide about  additions or adjustments if necessary.
- Administration of teaching and academic services in accordance with the College by the Ministry of Education and Training and the Saigon College of Arts and Culture and Tourism issued; collecting; counting; and processing information about the training and academic.
- Checking statistical reports the teaching load in each department so that the school pay fees; suggesting on demand infrastructure and conditions necessary for teaching – learning.
- Guiding with questions about learning, midterm, final exam, admission regulations.
- Joining with many other units of the University in the entrance examination mission.


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